Gail (Official Designation 12dash15K)


A small Earth-like planet, approximately the size of Luna, Earth’s Moon. It is home to millions of people, living under a fairly unified government. For all intents and purposes, the people are content and the living and working conditions are good. It is as close to a utopia as this sector has.

The biosphere contains a unique and uncataloged parasitic bacterium which invades living tissues, improving health and reducing the effects of aging. However, this bacterium can only live on this planet. Once it has invaded a being, it will die if it leaves the biosphere of Gail. Those who live on Gail for more than a few weeks become prisoners.

They do, however, have some of the most advanced technology in the local cluster – including:

  • a substantive holographic reality generator, able to produce a number of virtual experiences contained in a small room
  • a matter replicator/duplicator capable of mimicking any known object with a substantial energy cost and the right fuel
  • energy based shielding and protective generators for use in protecting ships from space debris or even protecting individuals

Gail Station


Orbiting the planet is an official planetary station, made to conduct interplanetary business. The people who live on the station are considered Gail citizens and are afforded all of the rights and benefits. But they do not gain any of the health or longevity effects of living planet-side.

Entire families elect to live here, and new immigrants to Gail must live and work on the station for a full generation before being allowed entry to the planet. This has created a bit of a class divide between the stationers and the surfacers.

Gail has limited medical technology due to the pervasiveness of the bacterium on the surface. As such, the station is dependent on medical technology from Kuan-Yin.


The Scribes of Kuan-Yin aaron_m_griffin aaron_m_griffin