Kuan Yin

Kuan-Yin is the central hub planet of this sector. It is home to billions of people spread across five countries – each based around a space port which was an original colony ship landing point.

The planet itself is much colder than Earth norms, with the equatorial regions being barely temperate.



The original settlement for the scouting party from Earth was the primary site for the first colony ship. This country still considers itself beholden to Earth and humanity spread across the stars, and their politics and positions reflect that. They try to do what will benefit the most people.


Managed by Sanco Corp, it is the tech center of Kuan-Yin. Sanco is responsible for current FTL drive technology, ship production, and many other large scale things that ordinary people deal with on a daily basis. No one in the Hub goes a single day without using something made by Sanco Corp. A satellite corporation runs the enforcement arm, known as The Unified, a division of Sanco Corp. The Unified patrol space travel and punish misuse of Sanco goods and technology


A small island nation that largely keeps to itself. It is a fairly prosperous area, home to a few of the planet’s best scholarly institutions. The government of Corvellis generally reacts as though the country isn’t respected as much as the others due to size.


A country with a bit of a religious bent, following the teaching of Jalat Han. While they do not claim to follow doctrine as a country, much of their morality and decency laws follow the way of the Hans.

The Empire of the Black Sun

Previously known as Neo-Flurmenstenya, the current Black Sun ruling government grew out of a radical movement that believes wealth and power should be spread out among the people – violently if necessary. They have strict control of their borders and do not send representatives to any World Government meetings. There have been some reports of military fights between the Black Sun and The Unified on the Sancovian borders.

Kuan Yin

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