The Jalat Han religion sees Dharmala as their holy planet – a place of pilgrimage for the Hans to make once in their lifetimes. The atmosphere of the planet is partially toxic, producing hallucinations which the Hans believe allows them to contact their spirits. To emphasize this, the planetary pilgrimage is mostly made on foot between arcologoies.


Despite the toxicity, the air is largely pyrogenic silica, but has a high enough oxygen content to be survivable with much irritation. The water is also drinkable, as the hydrophobic silica does not bond with chemical water. All the silica produces strange plant life that is not carbon based and is incompatible with human physiology.



Towns on Dharmala consist of sealed arcologies, with purified air and greenhouse like conditions for plant growth. Very few people make their permanent residence here, so each arcology consists of a few thousand people at most.

Still, Dharmala is a locus for body modification technology – the Hans view improving oneself through external means as a holy endeavor, and spend much time in genetic and cybernetic research. The full reach of Dharmala’s modifications is unknown, but some cybernetic implants have begun to be seen in high society circles on Kuan-Yin


The Scribes of Kuan-Yin aaron_m_griffin aaron_m_griffin