Sigma Leonis AKA “Despera”


Despera is a frozen ice planet in a system where the local star has been contained in a dyson sphere of unknown origin. There is no life on Despera, but frozen remnants of what once was can be found almost everywhere. The air here is breathable, as long as it is warmed up enough to not freeze a person’s lungs.

Despera is unique in the known cosmos for being a once habitable planet with a now frozen core. The core substance, referred to as Semi-Ferrous Condensate (SFC or “Condensate” for short), exists in a new state of matter which enables the Gail replicator/duplicator systems to function. This has quickly become the most valuable substance in the cluster.

There are no permanent residents on Despera, but at any given time there are about half a million people on the planet – condensate miners that work for runs of 3-6 months beneath the surface before returning to their home. As the planet has no proper owner, it is largely lawless, with organizations fighting violently over mining rights. To this end, Sigma Leonis United was formed to help protect the lives and well-being of the miners and to give them leverage against those running the operations.

The Sphere


Little is known about the Leonis System dyson sphere, but there has been much speculation by scholars. They suggest is was built in a series of concentric rings, until enough material was present to create a sphere. Evidence of ring-like construction can be seen from the outside.

The exterior surface of the sphere is impervious to known demolition methods. Explosives, magnetics, kinetic impact, laser cutters, and plasma torches have all been used to no avail.

There are rumors among the conspiracy theorists of the cluster that those that built it still inhabit the sphere, and do not wish humanity to come closer. Some even suggest they are acting through intermediaries to remove humanity from the area and keep themselves safe.


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